Legal Department
The legal area provides consultancy services mainly concerning company contracts, extraordinary transactions, civil and corporate litigation.

Commercial and Corporate Law
  • Assistance in the establishment of companies, commercial and non-commercial companies, branches, representative offices in Italy and abroad
    Drafting of establishing documentation for syndicate agreements (blocking or voting syndicates), shareholders’ agreements, option and pre-emption rights.
  • Reserved management of negotiations for company mergers, acquisitions and sales.
  • Assistance in company mergers, spin-offs and transformations.
  • Reorganisation of shares and/or company groups.
  • Dispute management between capital company shareholders or between these and the corporate administrative bodies.
  • Industrial law (trademarks, patents and copyright)
  • Bankruptcy law and insolvency proceedings
  • Banking, financial and insurance law
  • Financial and operational leasing
  • Information Technology law (e-commerce, domains, digital signatures, etc.)
Extrajudicial and Contractual Consulting
  • Assistance in negotiations and drafting of contract documentation, including but not limited to tender contracts, contracts for the supply of goods and/or services, corporate hire and rental agreements, distribution contracts, transport contracts, typical and atypical warrant contracts, trade mark licensing contracts.
  • Assistance in negotiations and drafting of contract documentation for trade finance and export finance operations, including but not limited to factoring and discounting contracts for promissory notes, forfeiting contracts, documentary credits, letters of credit, stand-by letters of credit, performance bonds, advance payment bonds.
Legal Advice
  • Statutory or equitable arbitration procedures
  • Legal assistance throughout Italy and abroad
  • Injunction proceedings and urgent proceedings
  • Debt collection and execution of judgements
Administrative Responsibilities pursuant to D.Lgs. 231/2001 and corporate compliance
  • Assistance in the drafting and implementation of Codes of Ethics and Organisation, Management and Control models pursuant to D. Lgs. 231/2001
  • Appointments in Supervisory Bodies and performance of relative analyses and audits
  • Assistance and consulting for regulatory and compliance matters, also concerning statutory compliance against money laundering and protection of personal data
Trade Union, Social Security and Labour Law
  • Employment relations
  • Managerial relations
  • Agents, representatives and independent working relations
  • Foreign workers and working abroad
  • Trade union, social security and labour disputes
  • Hygiene and safety at work
  • Company transfers
  • Redundancy procedures
  • Consulting and assistance in personnel management