A team of professionals with a range of complementary skills, who provide their tailored, prompt and accurate services with the typical quality expected of an international firm.


Chart. AccountantGian Paolo Colnago

Chart. AccountantStefano Giacosa

LawyerStefano Magnoni

Chart. AccountantAndrea Magnoni

LawyerYuri Nadelreich

Rag.Pierangelo Lo Maglio

Chart. AccountantElisa Durì


Chart. AccountantGian Luca Stefano Milanesi

LawyerDenise Ciolino

Chart. AccountantSilvia Dognini

LawyerCarmela Micari

Chart. AccountantFrancesco Botrugno

Chart. AccountantUmberto Bordino

Dott.Sabrina Pierotti

Dott.Marco Basoccu

Dott. Comm.Andrea Russo

Dott. Comm.Marco Pasquali

Dott.Fabio Arturo Giustiniani

Dott.Simone Decè

Dott.ssaCaterina D'Angelo

Dott.Simone Maioli